BPM Senior Living Company

Choice, Dignity, Privacy, Independence

Our Philosophy of Service

The principles that form the foundation of care at BPM Senior Living...


Choice involves creating meaningful lifestyle options. Our top priority is asking, listening and responding to our individual resident's personal lifestyle preferences. To provide choice, we offer a community environment rich in daily activities, restaurant-style dining, graciously appointed interiors and a variety of apartment styles.


Dignity is treating every resident with individual value and respect. We hire and train our professional caregivers to respond to each resident's needs and preferences.


Privacy and individualized care are recognized and delivered in each resident's apartment. Our staff protects the privacy, modesty and right of each resident's wishes regarding the sharing of information, as well as the involvement of family and others in the planning and delivery of personal services.


At BPM Senior Living we recognize that independence involves the free exercise of rights and the capacity of each individual to accept responsibility for their choices. The level of independence a resident desires is a matter of personal choice, as well as an important element of self-esteem. BPM Senior Living encourages the right of each resident to continue to be as independent as possible.

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